Bringing the Sleepout to you virtually

Bringing the Sleepout to you virtually
November 18, 2020 CWan-Docksey

On Friday 6th November we held our Sleepout. As usual with the Sleepout and after a big event, we spend the following week tying up lose ends, writing press releases, collating images and receiving in fundraised monies.

This week is no different, however, the Sleepout was different for us – this was our first virtual sleepout due to the global pandemic.

Coronavirus has meant we had to alter our usual plans of graveyards and stadiums and instead inviting you to hold it in your homes, gardens or workplaces instead.

The premise remained the same, “sleepout so others don’t have to”

We were worried – would the message be received? Would people still partake? Would we still raise much needed funds?

We Also wondered how to bring you a virtual sleepout – we wanted to offer something. When we physically gathered at Sleepout there was a share camaraderie, friendships, families, music, speeches and of course the soup hatch.

We decided to still bring this to you, albeit it virtually – a Live-Stream!

Luckily for us, we worked with Edd and his team at Scorpion Event Solutions who helped us make our vision real – they worked so hard to get all our content ready for us to be able to beam straight onto your devices.

Friday 6th November, we were ready! Paula Senior, a very familiar face to many was to present the show, which would include a music set from Christ Baldwin, a poetry reading by Tom Miller, speeches by President Ben Robinson and CEO Paul Laffey, a movie video tribute to our late colleague Sean Killion, a quiz and finally a bedtime story read by Peter O’Reilly.

We loved engaging with the viewers and giving people shout-outs – it made us feel connected. Together Apart.

When the recording finished we breathed a huge sigh of relief and will remain so grateful to Edd for helping us achieve this.

It was so great to see Paula in her element presenting, we think she has a future on the telly for sure!

We would like to thank everyone who took part, and for watching and for donating – we could not do this without you!