Cancellation of Apne Curry night

Cancellation of Apne Curry night
June 17, 2020 CWan-Docksey
Unfortunately we are having to cancel our Apne Curry night on the 22nd June.
This annual event has been running for ten years now and the wonderful Mr. Hussain and his staff always cook the best food and ensure our guests are well looked after. It is an evening filled with laughter, entertainment, networking, reflection and fundraising.
Some of our guests suggested making a curry at home that night and will celebrate with us in spirit – Why don’t you join us and consider donating the cost of a takeaway to us via text giving. Text giving is very easy to do; to donate £10 – simply text the words
YMCA BURTON 10 to 70085
Thank you to all our original diners who donated their ticket costs to us and we will be with you all in spirit on Monday evening! Please do send us some photos of your home made dishes.
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