It’s easy to support the work we do, whether you are able to make a regular contribution or a one-off donation to one of our projects, all of your support makes a difference to people in the local community.


Make a
Single donation


Make a
Monthly donation


Cash donation

Cash and cheques can be made in person to our main office in Hawkins Lane.

Or consider becoming a “Friend of the YMCA” by donating a monthly sum into our Life Change Fund.
Account number 10166293 Sort code 16-14-70

Legacy giving

After making provisions for your family and friends, by remembering YMCA Burton in your Will, you will be helping to ensure that homeless and vulnerable young people always have somewhere to turn to for years to come.

To find out more about how to give the gift of hope as part of your legacy click on the button below to download our legacy brochure.



What does your money buy?

  • £10 will buy an electricity card for a new resident moving in
  • £10 will buy a replacement Birth Certificate for one of our residents. (Essential to register for Health Services/Benefits)
  • £18 will purchase a First night Kit (Towel & Toiletries)
  • £20 will provide a move in/move out bedding kit (Quilt/pillows/Covers)
  • £25 will provide a hot meal for 10 residents at our Reconnect centre
  • £35 will provide a sleeping bag, hat & gloves for a rough sleeper
  • £50 is the cost of preparing a room for a new resident to move in
  • £75 will enable a resident in need to have 3 hours of counselling
  • £300 will provide mediation sessions for a family in crisis