Fundraising during difficult times

Fundraising during difficult times
August 11, 2020 CWan-Docksey

Our Fundraising Officer Paula senior shares her thoughts on fundraising during Coronavirus with us…


We started 2020 with a year of events, networking and fundraising planned. Covid-19 changed our plans overnight with all fundraising events cancelled or postponed. This not only affected our planned events but also those being held to raise money for us.

The sheer impact of this on the Charity will be felt significantly for a long time. With the potential loss of income from more than 15 events including The London Marathon, we launched a crisis appeal and have reached out to our supporters in a number of ways to keep them updated. As well as the cancellation of fundraising and events, the many networking meetings and people we regularly engage with were suspended. Some of these have taken place virtually which has been a learning curve for all but a great way to keep connected.
We look forward to being able to meet people in person again in the future.

We were humbled by the actions of some young people who committed to undertake virtual fundraising challenges. From climbing the equivalent of the Three peaks challenge via the stairs at home, to running the length of Hadrian’s Wall over a 4 week period. Some of our creative supporters raised money for our foodbank by making and sending badges to friends and another designed and made greetings cards to sell to neighbours, friends and family. All of these challenges have helped us.

Sleepout is our biggest income generation event of the year and an important night for all of us to get involved. We will be offering a different version for this year so our save the date; Friday 6th November.

If you would like to make a donation, or offer regular support to help us please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you and need the support of our Community now, more than ever,

We give thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past or is helping us now.  We hope to always continue providing the vital services for those in need.


(Paula pictured here on the right, volunteer Michaela Gladwin is on the left)