Helping the Homeless

Helping the Homeless
October 15, 2020 CWan-Docksey

In this months blog we hear from Brian Freeman.


My job as “Navigator” means I work with homeless people and help them find a safe place to stay.

I love working at the YMCA, I receive tremendous support from my colleagues and volunteers and above all, like the fact we are actively getting people off the streets.

Watching someone receive their own set of keys to their own accommodation is most rewarding.

No rough sleepers stories are ever the same and we work with lots of different people.


This is case study is about Marcus

Marcus presented on the opening night of night shelter in December 2019, he had been using the rough sleeper facility at Reconnect after a break up with his girlfriend.

After a while Marcus opened up to the night shelter volunteer befrienders about having a drink issue, not having any access to his son and wishing he could find a job, but as he had not got any identification, he was finding this particularly difficult.

The outreach staff at YMCA Burton where able to help him obtain a copy of his birth certificate and passport and started the process of applying for settlement status for him.

This was eventually accepted and he secured accommodation with another housing provider.

Marcus has now started working and his longer term goals are to focus on his drinking habits and he is hopeful he will be able to see his son again in the future.

Through the kindness of our night shelter volunteers, through to the outreach workers and housing support staff we were able to support Marcus throughout and help him get his life back on track.