Launch of Burton Swans

Launch of Burton Swans
May 24, 2019 CWan-Docksey

An exciting new arts trail project was launched this month: Burton Swans.

Businesses and organisations are being invited to sponsor the uniquely-designed swans. Each one will sit on a base bearing the name of its sponsor, or sponsors.

Established and emerging artists will be invited to submit designs for our swans. Sponsors will be able to choose their favourite from the approved designs and then start to make a splash and raise their profile in the town as a vital part of the swan sculpture trail.

The trail will go live in July 2020 and for 10 weeks the swans will be in position on the streets, and in the open spaces and public areas of Burton. A mobile app will help people to plot a route around the trail, discover the story behind each swan, its artist and its sponsor, or sponsors. The app will allow visitors and locals to unlock rewards offered by project sponsors.

At the end of the 10 weeks, there will be a farewell ‘swan song’ event before the swans are auctioned off in October to raise money for us, Burton and District YMCA.

For more information on sponsoring or applying to become a Swan artist, please visit: www.burtonswans.co.uk