Local artist launches “Through our eyes” Exhibition

Local artist launches “Through our eyes” Exhibition
April 9, 2019 CWan-Docksey

Young people at the YMCA Burton housing projects have taken part in an art project called “Through our eyes” which will be at the Library until Friday 12th April.

The residents have spent 10 weeks creating various paintings, drawings, music and poems in response to their brief which was what they see around them.

Opening the exhibition was local award winning artist John Waterhouse from Barton-Under-Needwood who said: “The power of art can change your life and I feel honoured to be asked to open this exhibition. I believe in today’s world where everyone is rushing around, to be able to take time out to work on something creative and that you enjoy is really special.”

Kevin James, Participation officer and Sarah Pettifer, Well-Being officer have been working with Anne and both said “Anne has been brilliant to work with, and our residents feel so proud at what they’ve accomplished and it’s given them more confidence.”

A resident, who participated in the exhibition said “It’s great to see my work in a gallery space as I’ve never had anything like this before.”

The installation will be shown at Burton library until Friday 12th April.

Photo: Well-Being officer Sarah Pettifer, Participation officer, Kevin James, Artist James Waterhouse, Residents Bradley, Annis, Natasha, Lana, Housing support workers Louise King & Lee Henchcliffe