Sleepout news! Live streams and Sweet dreams

Sleepout news! Live streams and Sweet dreams
November 4, 2020 CWan-Docksey
Well the time has finally come – Friday 6th November – our Sleepout!

As you might already know, this will be a virtual event this year due to the on-going virus but we will be with you for a LIVE-STREAM on Friday evening from 7pm on our Facebook page.
Our Live stream will bring you some music by Chris Baldwin, a quiz by Michaela Gladwin, speeches by President Ben Robinson and CEO Paul Laffey, poetry read by Tom Miller, a bedtime story by Peter O’Reilly all neatly wrapped up and presented by Paula Senior.

We are able to bring you this live-stream courtesy of Scorprion Event Solutions and Fat Tail Creative who have done so much work with us over the past two weeks to make sure our content is all ready!

Burton Subways are kindly offering you a Sleepout Special where proceeds from the meal deal go to us and can be delivered or collected ready for your Sleepout! Visit their website for more details!

Thanks once again to the team at Fuse4 for helping us with our graphics this year!

We hope you can tune in, we would love your support!

If you are taking part and take photos or any videos of the evening please send them to us! We hope to make a Sleepout video afterwards of all your combined recordings!

All the best and have a safe Sleepout,

The fundraising team