Sleep Out 2020

YMCA Sleepout 2020

Friday 6th November

We are adapting to the social distancing measures which are still in place so this year Sleepout will be virtual!

There is no registration fee but we are asking you to register and crucially, we are still asking you to raise money to help us continue to support the most vulnerable in our society.

Sleepout on your kitchen floor, your garden, your workplace or sofa surf.
Sleepout by yourself, with your family, with your friends, your work colleagues, or your pets!

Sleepout to change lives.

Sleepout to make a difference.

Sleepout so others don’t have to.

Sleep in, or Sleepout – It’s your shout.


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YMCA Sleepout 2019

Thank you to all that took part in our amazing Sleep Out 2019!