Winter Night Shelter Thanksgiving

Winter Night Shelter Thanksgiving
April 12, 2018 CWan-Docksey

On the evening of the 10th April, YMCA Burton and Burton Churches invited staff, volunteers and contributors of the Night Shelter to St Paul’s Church to give thanks for all the hard work that went into making the night shelter run successfully from 2nd December till 31st March.

During the service, we heard from Paul Laffey, CEO of YMCA Burton who said “YMCA Burton and Burton Churches are very grateful to Revd Stanley Monkhouse, the congregation of St Pauls Church and the PCC of the Parish of St Aidan and St Paul for allowing the use of the church hall as a shelter. Our appreciation is also extended to Consolidated Charity of Burton on Trent, Burton Transformation Trust, Burton Churches and the many individuals who have provided finances to make this project happen. We also appreciate Kerry Foods, Bretby Rotary Club and many local people for providing food for the guests that slept at the shelter.”

We also heard from Vicar Stanley Monkhouse, who said that being involved in the Night Shelter has truly changed his perception on life.


During the four months of operation we served 1776 hot meals, 888 beds were slept in during that period and over 11,000 hot drinks where made! The Night Shelter served 95 different individuals.

The service was closed with an address and blessing by Geoff Annas, The Bishop of Stafford. He said, although sadly in this day and age it was still necessary to have a night shelter, he was proud this was how our churches are being used.

Photo of Darryl, Stanley, Jill, Sean, Carl and Paul