Wonderful finds and surprises at our Charity shops

Wonderful finds and surprises at our Charity shops
September 15, 2020 CWan-Docksey

We have four furniture shops, they are in Alvaston, Burton-on-Trent, Swadlincote and Tamworth.

We had a chat with Shirley, who is the supervisor for our shop in Swadlincote which is on the High Street.

No day is ever the same for her and the volunteers who generously donate their free time to help collect and deliver goods, clean and sort through donations and serve the customers.

Like all our shops, they have a welcoming feel to them and people pop in not only to see the latest bargains but also just for chat, many people find them a safe space and our staff and volunteers are always up for a chat.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, Shirley says; “We have the best volunteers, some stay with us for years. You might be in-between jobs, or have more free time on your hands. Whatever your skill set we will be able to find you something suitable for you.
Some might find it will help them get out the house and give them routine, others will be able to upskill whilst here and learn to answer enquiries, retail skills and increase their confidence. Whatever your reason for volunteering, we believe it is very spiritually rewarding.

Due to the pandemic, some of our volunteers have had to stop working for us so if you are able, we are still on the lookout for shops volunteers to help with anything from cleaning to driving vans.”


The shops receive lots of different types of furniture, amongst her favourites are the grandfather clocks which are quite rare and even rarer, the beautiful works of art that get donated.

Her most memorable find, was an old writing bureau that was donated by an elderly gentleman. On completing their clean and checks of it they found a small sum of money which had been stashed in there which the gentleman knew nothing about – it turned out his wife had been squirrelling away money for emergencies and keeping in the bureau for safe-keeping and he was very happy to be reunited with his unexpected cash windfall!


Our shops are open six days a week 8.30-4pm and their addresses and contact numbers are as follows:

Alvaston: 1219-1221 London Road Derby DE24 8QH – 01332 573374
Burton – 24 Borough Road,DE14 2DA – 01283 547133
Swadlincote – 29 High Street DE11 8JE – 01283 220202
Tamworth – 4 Market Street B79 7LU – 01827 67759