YMCA Burton – an update on our services during COVID-19

YMCA Burton – an update on our services during COVID-19
May 26, 2020 CWan-Docksey

I write to update you on how we are managing at YMCA Burton as we continue to offer a vital service to many vulnerable people during coronavirus times.

We continue to be thankful for our staff and volunteers working on the frontline. Our Housing staff continue to work both day and night supporting our residents. Our outreach staff and Navigator are supporting the homeless who have been temporally accommodated in a local hotel. We’ve recruited a number of new volunteers who are supported by our staff in issuing Food Parcels. Our Family Mediation Service, our Counselling service and our Chaplaincy Service are all being delivered by our staff working from home.

Our fundraising, administration, communications and bid writing is also being delivered by staff working from home. Staff are utilising WhatsApp, Telephone, Facetime, Zoom and other means of communication. Thank you again to all our staff who I know are working in what is often very challenging circumstances.  We pray it will get easier in the days ahead.

We are frequently asked when our shops are opening. We will wait for the Government to advise when all retail outlets will open.  Whilst we are all eager to try and get back to normal, we won’t rush the opening of our shops.  It’s important that before we open our stores, that we introduce ‘social distancing measures’ and ensure that the health of our staff, volunteers and customers is paramount.

Demand for our Foodbank has been very high, and we have had a lot of people come to the YMCA for a Food parcel for the first time. We are very grateful for the financial donations and large supplies of food donated since the beginning of the virus.

Stay well and safe,


Paul Laffey

Chief Executive

14th May 2020


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