Emergency Food Service

The YMCA food bank issues emergency food parcels which contain enough food for 3 days. Typically a bag will contain cereal, pasta, tinned meat and vegetables, milk, sugar, tea and coffee.

As we begin our 15th year of operating the food bank, our experiences show that it is not only people on benefits that need an emergency food parcel. People on low incomes, or have experienced breakdown or bereavement also view it as a lifeline. Benefit cuts and sanctions, low paid workers, unemployment and increased food costs have meant our food bank has been in more demand than ever this year.

The food bank could not operate without the generosity of the local community.

If you can give, we welcome the following items:

• Tinned meat/tinned pie
• Tinned fish
• Tinned Vegetables including potatoes
• Tinned fruit
• Pasta & Pasta sauces
• Coffee/Tea bags
• Milk (UHT)
• Sugar
• Tinned puddings
• Jam
• Instant noodles/pasta
• Cereals

Click here to download the shopping list

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate food?

You can collect through school, work or as an individual. Contact Reconnect on 01283 547211 to find out which food is currently low in stock.

Where can I drop it off?

Food can be donated at Reconnect, James street, Burton upon Trent, DE14 2ED.

Or at our food collection point at Asda or Sainsburys in Burton.

Do you take fresh items?

Unfortunately not as the food goes out of date too quickly and we do not have the ability to freeze food.

Do you take milk?

Yes, UHT please. 500ml preferable.

I've got left over food from a party, can I donate that?

We cannot accept this food at the food bank, however we can accept it at Reconnect for our residents.

How do I volunteer?

Contact us on 01283 538802.

Make a donation

Give a gift that could change the life of another. We support thousands of people in crisis every year providing a safety net of support services.